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Pitlock Replacement Key

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Replace your lost key, or purchase an additional one just in case.

Having trouble figuring out which size you need? Please read our FAQ if you’re uncertain. The “Standard” replacement Pitkey will fit all M5 quick release skewers, M6 bolts, and thru axles. The “Solid Axle” size is for solid axle nuts. The “Standard” size will not fit solid axle nuts. Please select the type of key you need to replace in the dropdown below.

See below for additional product and sizing specifications.


Please provide your Pitlock keycode here:


If you’ve purchased a set from us in the past, we’ve stored you Pitlock keycode and can look it up for you. If you purchased from a separate source, you will need to reference the keycode on the slip of plastic that was included in your set (for example, #7XFRM30.)

Replacing a lost key:

For purchasing a replacement key, there is no need to contact us before making a purchase. Although there are hundreds of different Pitlock keys, we carry multiple sets of each one. In the rare case that we happen to be backordered on your specific key at the time of placing your order, we will let you know immediately and offer to refund you in full. In most cases, we will have additional keys available in a matter of days.

Buying an extra key with your package:

If you order a 3rd (or 4th) key at the same time as a full skewer set, you do not need to enter a specific code here. We will make sure that the keys ordered match your set.

Emergency Key Replacement

If you have an emergency and need a replacement key urgently, we will rush order keys with 2-day USPS shipping upon special request. Please place your order through the site normally and send a follow-up email to

Is there anything else I need?

These keys are critical, but can be easily lost. We highly recommend purchasing a keychain tool as a handy way to keep your Pitkey with you at all times. This tool easily gives you enough leverage to tighten or loosen your Pitlocks as needed. Please note that keychain tools are not compatible with solid axle keys. If you have lost your keycode but have a nut or key that you can send us, we offer an affordable identification service to help you determine which key your Pitlock set is coded to.

Additional information

Key Type

Standard, Solid Axle

1 review for Pitlock Replacement Key

  1. Travis H. (verified owner)

    Urban bike was on top of a replacement Pitlock key I needed. PitLock directed me towards this company and they had my part shipped to my mailbox within the week.

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