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  • Pitlock Keychain Tool

    (83) $11.99 Never lose your key again! This is our favorite accessory, and we think every Pitlock user should own one. This handy tool serves double-duty as a keychain key holder, and as a wrench to give you the necessary leverage to remove / install a wheel at home or on the road. Please note that this tool does not include a key.
  • Pitlock Seatpost Clamp

    (17) From: $12.99 Replaces unsuitable clamps with non-parallel clamping surfaces, or surfaces that are too small. These seat clamps are specifically designed to accept Pitlock seatpost skewers. Seat clamps come in either silver or black, and are available in five sizes sizes: 28.6mm, 30.0mm, 31.8mm, 35.0mm, and 40.0mm.
  • pitlock pitstoppers

    Pitstopper Allen Head Plugs

    (49) From: $14.99 An exceedingly simple, yet effective way to protect the ancillary components of your bike from opportunistic thieves. Protect any item on your bike that uses an allen bolt with Pitlock Pitstoppers. Pitstoppers come in four sizes: M5, M6, M8, and M10. Each set of Pitstoppers comes complete with two Pitstoppers, and one screw. Learn more about Pitstoppers, how to install them, and why they work by checking out our guide to Pitstoppers.
  • Pitlock Cap (Flat or Conical)

    (49) From: $4.99 An elegant and effective way to protect your Pitlock components from dirt and debris. Both varieties can be used on Pitlock skewers, but the flat caps are only suitable for topcaps, brake bolts, and thru axles. Cover caps come in either silver or black, and two varieties: the "thread on" conical version, and the flat "push on" version. Please view the photos for clarification. Price is per cap variety.
  • Teflon and Spring Washer Ring Pack

    (16) $7.99 Stock up and save! This set includes five replacement teflon rings and five lock rings - all at a bundled price. These parts are critical to the Pitlock lock mechanism and should be replaced after extended use. This ring pack is intended for M5 skewers and M6 bolts only, and will not fit solid axle locks. Save almost $2 off separate purchase of the washer and teflon replacement sets.
  • Pitlock Replacement Skewer without Lock

    (16) From: $10.99 Pitlock skewers range in size from 22mm to 250mm to fit any application. Replace a broken skewer, or switch your existing Pitlock lock to another hub (such as from the front wheel to the rear wheel) by purchasing a new skewer. This set comes with only the skewer itself - no locking mechanism. Available colors are silver and black.
  • Spring Washer Replacement Set

    $4.99 This set includes five replacement spring washers for Pitlock seat skewer and wheel skewer closures. These washers will not fit solid axle locks. Spring washers are critical to the Pitlock lock mechanism and should be replaced after extended use.
  • Teflon Ring Replacement Set

    $4.99 Replacement Pitlock teflon ring set for all M5 seat and wheel skewers, and M6 bolts. These teflon rings will not fit solid axle locks, but separate teflon rings for solid axle nuts can be purchased. Each set comes with 5 replacement teflon rings.
  • Pitlock M5 Nut

    (2) From: $12.99 This is an M5 coded nut, which can be used as a replacement for your existing Pitlock locking mechanism. This is only intended for quick release skewers, and will not fit solid axles. Pitlock nuts only come in silver, but Pitlock kaps can be purchased to keep out debris and provide a sleek look.
  • Pitlock Ahead Top Cap

    (2) From: $9.99 This is the Pitlock topcap component only, without an M6 bolt. For full security, purchase a Pitlock ahead locking topcap instead. Topcaps come in either silver or black, and are available in three sizes: 1", 1-1/8' (standard), and 1-1/4" for certain Ebikes and mountain bikes.