Pitlock for Solid Axle Nuts

Available for Shimano Alfine and Nexus hubs. See the Solid Axle Compatibility Chart for other hubs.

Pitlock solid axle locking nuts are super strong. They are designed and built to withstand both the high torque required by road bikes, and, more importantly, nasty little thieves. These bolts use the same locking technology as the regular sized skewers.

1. The uniquely-shaped, coded nut can only be turned using the matching Pit Key.

2. The protective outer housing spins freely so vice-grips and pliers are useless.

3. Grooves on the back of the coded nut mesh with teeth on a specially-designed lock-ring making it impossible to undo by reaching in with needlenose pliers.

4. As shown in the photo to the right, Pitlock Solid Axle Nuts have the added advantage of covering up the bolt on some bikes’ replaceable derailleur hangers.

Beautifully machined out of high-grade stainless steel, each one measures a full 1 3/16 in diameter at the base. Make sure that you have room for them.

The SH-38 solid axle nuts for Shimano Alfine and Nexus hubs are designed for a hub with a 3/8″ solid axle threaded 26tpi.
The M10 solid axle nuts for Rohloff hubs are designed for a hub with a 10mm solid axle threaded 25.4tpi (or M10 x 1)

Most front wheel hubs use a smaller diameter axles (eg. 9mm front versus 10mm rear). Please check before buying a set for your front wheel. In many cases, there is another option. Many hubs can be converted from a solid axle to a hollow axle made to accept skewers. This means that you could use solid axle nuts in the rear (required if you have horizontal dropouts) and a Pitlock skewer on the front wheel.