Pitlock Replacement Key Identification


We sometimes have customers who have lost their keycode, but still have either a physical key or an uninstalled Pitlock nut. In these cases, we provide a service to identify your keycode if you physically send us your key or nut. After you have made your purchase, we will contact you via email with additional instructions and shipping information.

This service is only available for M5 “quick release” nuts. Solid axle nuts are not supported at this time.


Please note that if you have purchased a set from us in the past, we have stored you Pitlock keycode and can look it up for you. There is no need to physically send us anything, simply send us an email at and will provide you with your keycode. If you purchased from a separate source (Amazon, a local bike shop, etc), we will not have your keycode on file.

If you have lost all of your keys and keycode, and do not have an uninstalled nut, unfortunately we will be unable to identify your keycode. It’s a fairly common request, but we will not identify a lock based on a photo alone (not only is it very difficult to do, but it means that anyone could snap a picture of a stranger’s bike and request the code.)

These keys are critical, and can be easily lost. We highly recommend purchasing a keychain tool as a means to keep your Pitkey with you at all times. This keychain doubles as an installation tool, and provides enough leverage to tighten or loosen your Pitlocks as needed.

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Standard, Solid Axle


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