Pitlock Keychain Tool

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Never lose your key again! This is our favorite accessory, and we think every Pitlock user should own one.

This handy tool serves double-duty as a keychain key holder, and as a wrench to give you the necessary leverage to remove / install a wheel at home or on the road.

See below for additional product and sizing specifications.


The Pitlock keychain tool fits through the cross-drilled hole in your Pitkey and then secures it with an included ring. This tool offers you enough leverage to lock and unlock your Pitlock skewers even when you are on the move.

Unfortunately, this product does not work with solid axle nut keys, as they do not have a hole drilled in them.

3 reviews for Pitlock Keychain Tool

  1. Zac (verified owner)

    Company is great, Jason is on point and answers any questions one has. The “Only” negative comment is needs some modern adjustment: Installation videos/how to help potential customers wondering how certain products work. IE, the “Pitstoppers” and more advanced products.
    I’ve purchased their locking skewers, seat post clamp and stem clamp: without the need of ordering a new key. Just put the personalized key # in, boom. You now have piece of mind that “most” of the “little bits” of your bike will not be stolen. I’d definately invest more money with Pitlock, if I knew how the other options worked… 10 out of 5 though.

  2. Ramon G. (verified owner)

    I purchased a complete Pitlock kit because and am completely happy with the purchase as it offers me a freedom I typically did not have before. Now I can use a mini lock to secure the frame to a post and know that nothing will be missing from my bike during convenience stops. The key chain tool is a breeze to carry and allows for quick adjustments, especially to the seat post when needed. The Pitlock skewers were surprisingly lighter than my quick releases. However, I do not own a converter tool which allows me to use a torque wrench with the Pitlock key and so with not knowing the exact Nm, I place my regular skewers back on for mountain rides where the descents are critical.

  3. Travis H. (verified owner)

    This tool causes a loss in key depth and can be in the way of engaging if your thru axle Protrudes too far. I just cut my thru axle down a bit and it worked. This tool gives you nice torque and is worth the purchase.

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