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Keep Your Bike's Accessories Safe with Pitlock

With a set of bicycle wheels costing anywhere from $100 to $1,000, and forks costing upwards of $1,300, it makes sense to ensure that they stay on your bike - instead of in a thief's hands - by using locking skewers and security bolts.

Pitlock skewers easily replace your existing quick-release wheel skewers, seat skewers, and topcap. By using a uniquely-shaped nut and matching Pitlock key, along with a free-rotating protective housing, Pitlock locking skewers make it impossibly difficult for thieves to take your expensive parts. Other locking skewers use carbon steel and plastic parts which are prone to rust, wear and breakage, but Pitlock skewers are cold forged and CNC-machined exclusively from high quality stainless steel. With 256 different keys, the odds of your neighbor having the same key are less than 0.4%.

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