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Pitlock Replacement Skewer without Lock


Pitlock skewers range in size from 22mm to 250mm to fit any application. Replace a broken skewer, or switch your existing Pitlock lock to another hub (such as from the front wheel to the rear wheel) by purchasing a new skewer.

This set comes with only the skewer itself – no locking mechanism. Available colors are silver and black.

See below for additional product and sizing specifications.



Please note that if you intend to convert a wheel skewer to a seatpost skewer, you will also need to purchase a new seat pressure washer as well. The seatpost skewer uses a convex pressure washer. If you plan to do the reverse (convert a seatpost skewer to a wheel skewer) you will need to purchase a wheel pressure washer. Depending on your usage, the lock’s teflon rings and lockrings may also need to be replaced, as they are intentionally wearing parts.

For seatpost skewers, you may also need to purchase a Pitlock seatpost clamp if your current clamp does not have a flat surface area for the lock.

Additional notes:

  • The 240mm “joker” skewers are fully threaded, and will need to be cut to length. Cutting skewers is a fairly common need, and only requires a hacksaw or Dremel tool.
  • Each skewer is actually 10MM longer than the length shown. The locking mechanism requires 10MM of space.

Additional information

Skewer Length

23mm, 33mm (standard seat), 45mm, 60mm, 120mm (standard front), 130mm, 155mm (standard rear), 170mm, 240mm**

Skewer Color

Silver, Black


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