Solid Axle Stepring Replacement Set

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Replace any lost or worn out step washers for your Pitlock Solid Axle nuts.

Each set contains two stainless steel stepped washers made of high grade stainless steel.

See below for additional product and sizing specifications.

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These step washers / level washers are for use with solid axle systems only. If you need to replace parts for your 5mm quick release skewer, please purchase a spring washer lockring set, or buy a bundled teflon and lockring set and save.

Each set of Pitlock’s solid axle level washers include two washers, and are made of high quality stainless steel.

While you replace your lost stepped washer, consider replacing your solid axle teflon rings as well. Both parts are intended to be wearing pieces, and are critical for the functionality of the locking mechanism.

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