Locking Skewers - Your bike parts are expensive. Keep them on your bike!

With bicycle wheels costing anywhere from $100 to $1,000 and forks (standard and suspension) running $100 to $1,300+, it makes sense to ensure that they stay on your bike instead of in a thief's hands by using locking skewers and security bolts.

Here's why you should consider Pitlock locking skewers and security components:

  1. Cold forged and CNC-machined exclusively from high quality stainless steel. Other locking skewers use carbon steel and plastic parts which are prone to rust, wear and breakage.
  2. With 256 different keys, the odds of your neighbor having the same key are less than 0.4%
  3. Available locking Aheadset Top Cap matched to the same key as your wheel and seat post skewers. Without this, threadless forks (suspension, carbon, or standard), not to mention the wheel attached to it, can be removed just by loosening the stock top cap and stem bolts.
Pitlock skewers replace your existing quick-release wheel and seat skewers and your standard ahead topcap. By using a uniquely-shaped nut and matching Pitlock key, along with a free-rotating protective housing, Pitlock locking skewers make it impossibly difficult for thieves to take your expensive parts.

We ship Pitlock locking skewers exclusively within the United States and Canada. Our prices on Pitlock locking skewers are far lower than our competition. This is because we deal strictly with Pitlock products, and don't need to support a brick-and-mortar store. This also means that you get personalized service and the peace of mind of knowing that you'll be able to get replacement keys and matching sets in the future with a minimum of fuss.

Learn more about PitlockTM locking skewers and security products by visiting the Learn About Pitlock pages. You'll find the various links on the left-hand menu navigation menu.

Top Sellers

Pitlock Locking Skewers - Wheels and Seat
Sale Price: $89.99
Pitlock Locking Skewers - Wheel Seat Fork
Sale Price: $91.79
Pitlock Locking Skewers - Wheels Seat Fork
Sale Price: $103.41

Warning about Google/Amazon "stores" selling Pitlock
It has come to our attention recently that one or two companies in the Google Marketplace are selling Pitlock products at $10 or $15 less than Urban Bike Tech per set.

How many keys are you getting? We ship all our sets with two Pit keys. Bikemania sells their sets with one key even though they show two in the photo. Don't be fooled.

Where is your set coming from? Many of these products are shipping overseas from Germany, so you can expect a nice duty + brokerage + taxes bill to arrive along with your set. This usually ends up being at least $20USD not to mention the overseas delay and the language issues you'll have if you don't speak German and have a problem or lose a key.
New Products

Pitlock Locking Skewers on the road

Did you know that you if you have a flat tire on the road, you can still open PITLOCK locking skewers and components without having to carry a wrench?

Each coded key is cross-drilled so that you can turn it with any narrow, rigid item such as an allen key.

NOTE: You must still have your PITLOCK key with you!!