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PitStopper M10 Allen Head Plugs x 2

PitStopper M10 Allen Head Plugs x 2

$14.99 USD

This items is M10 = 10mm threads = 8mm wrench

We're really excited about this new product from Pitlock. It's and exceedingly simple, yet effective way to protect the various parts on your bike that use Allen head bolts from opportunistic thieves.

PitStopper plugs appear to be cylindrical when in fact, they have an extremely minute conical shape. Push the plug a few millimeters into any allen head bolt of the corresponding size, tap in with a hammer, and you're finished.

To remove, thread the included screw into the PitStopper plug and tighten until the plug is popped out by the screw bottoming out in the allen head.


The designation of M5/M6/M8 refer to the diameter of the bolt threads, NOT the size of the allen wrench. The wrench for any particular allen bolt is smaller than the bolt diameter.

M5 = 5mm thread diameter and uses a 4mm allen wrench/key
M6 = 6mm thread diameter and uses a 5mm allen wrench/key
M8 = 8mm thread diameter and uses a 6mm allen wrench/key
M10 = 10mm thread diameter and uses an 8mm allen wrench/key

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