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Pitlock Replacement Key for Solid Axle Nuts

Pitlock Replacement Key for Solid Axle Nuts

$31.99 USD

This replacement key is meant for use with all of Pitlock's solid axle nuts including the M9, M10, and 3/8" nuts. Because is so big and burly, and requires the bulk of the set's CNC machine time, it carries a hefty part of the cost of each set

BUYING AN EXTRA KEY WITH YOUR PACKAGE: If you are ordering a 2nd (or 3rd) key at the same time as the full set, no special arrangements are necessary. We carry multiples of each set so that we can raid them for spare keys.

REPLACING A LOST KEY: If you are purchasing a replacement key for your existing set, you MUST contact us first to make sure that we have a matching key in stock. With 256 different keys, we cannot guarantee to have a matching one. If we don't, we can still order it for you, however, we'll still need to make special arrangements.

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