Pitlock Front Wheel, Rear Wheel, Seatpost and Ahead Lock

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This set is the most popular package in Pitlock’s lineup, designed to protect the most at-risk parts on your bicycle: wheels, seat, and fork.

Set02 GA comes complete with all the necessary components for installation: three 5mm skewers, three locking mechanisms, one topcap, one 6MM bolt, and up to two keys. Available colors are silver and black. Non-standard topcap sizes are available. For help measuring your bike for Pitlocks, please see our measurement guide.

See below for additional product and sizing specifications.

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Pitlock’s “Set02 GA” comes with two skewer lengths of your choice, one seatpost skewer, and one locking topcap to keep your bike almost fully secure.

The wheel skewer uses the legendary Pitlock locking mechanism to ensure that commuter and high-end wheels alike stay on your bike instead of in a thief’s hands.

The Pitlock locking topcap is designed to fit just about any bicycle with a threadless headset. Consider this: a fork with a threadless steertube can be stolen simply by loosening the headset topcap bolts. It’s easy to see why it is so important to not only lock your front wheel to your fork, but also lock the fork to the frame. Available in both black and silver, the Pitlock ahead lock looks good, but works even better.

Rest assured that your seat will stay where it is with Pitlock’s locking seatpost skewer. Using the same locking mechanism as the Pitlock wheel skewers, it carefully protects your seat from would-be thieves.

All Pitlock parts (with exception of the ahead lock) are cold-forged and CNC machined from high-grade stainless steel. The ahead lock uses the same steel for the bolt, but to save weight the topcap itself is machined in aluminum.

Worried about losing your Pitlock keys, or needing to change a tire on the road? Purchase a keychain tool and never be without your Pitkey again.

Additional notes:

  • The 240mm “joker” skewers are fully threaded, and will need to be cut to length. Cutting skewers is a fairly common need, and only requires a hacksaw or Dremel tool.
  • Each skewer is actually 10MM longer than the length shown. This is to account for the locking mechanism, which requires 10MM of space.

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18 reviews for Pitlock Front Wheel, Rear Wheel, Seatpost and Ahead Lock

  1. John M DeMarco (verified owner)

  2. Elizabeth E Brown (verified owner)

    Nothing fit my bike and so I paid for this but now can’t use it. The website info didn’t list any bike specifications. I have a normal cruiser type bike but nothing fit.

    • UrbanBikeTech (store manager)

      Hi Elizabeth – because there are so many bike variations, and very little standardization, it’d be a herculean effort to provide specifications for the year / make / model of every bike out there. We try to provide detailed instructions on how to measure your bike for Pitlocks, but it sounds like we fell short in this case. Please reach out to our support team at info@urbanbiketech.com and we’ll provide instructions for making a return. Our goal has always been 100% customer satisfaction.

  3. Luke Hanson (verified owner)

    They do what they were designed to do. After having installed them, I tried a multitude of different tools to get the seatpost loose and it wouldn’t budge. The only problem is the nearly ten minutes it now takes to adjust the seat height. The little key slips out every quarter rotation, and you need a wrench too. Every time I adjust the seat or take the wheel off, I end up cursing society for raising a generation of bike thieves. But this is just what you gotta sacrifice for security.

  4. Mitch (verified owner)

    I couldn’t recommend Urban Bike Tech highly enough. Jason was incredibly helpful answering my (many) questions, making sure I got the correctly sized parts for my bike, and accommodating my request for a contactless local pickup. All around very satisfied with both the experience and my purchase, thanks again!

  5. Wayne D. (verified owner)

  6. Christina Taylor (verified owner)

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is a really great security system. My one complaint is that you branded the seatpost clamp. It’s advertising the system to potential buyers, but also to those trying to steal bikes. Maybe take the logo off? I am going to paint over mine, not out of spite.

  8. Sara (verified owner)

    Easy installation and truly phenomenal customer service when I had questions and a last minute order change.

  9. Evan Hourigan (verified owner)

  10. Kyle V. (verified owner)

    So far so good. All the parts installed quickly and have held up to the first ride. My rear skewer and seat post skewer needed to be trimmed a bit for a flush look. The ease and convenience of just throwing on a u-lock to the frame and heading into the store and not worrying about anything being stolen is fantastic. Ordering another full set for my daughters bike.

  11. Son Hoang (verified owner)

    Everything on your end was perfect! I messed up the measurement for the toplock…twice.

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My fourth set of skewers. Don’t forget to order the seatpost binder lock and Ahead lock – better safe than sorry!

  13. David (verified owner)

  14. Seiji Nakatani

    The silver colored seatpost clamp has a rough texture and does not match the other items or anything on my bike.

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    A good purchase; makes my bike a harder target. The head cap is a bit tall and sticks out. An explanation of how to measure for the seat clamp bolt would be appreciated (e.g. “for seat clamps where the outside edges are X distance apart, get a bolt of length Y”); not clear if it takes into account the length needed for the nut. Got a bolt that was too long and had to cut it to length.

  16. Eugene R. (verified owner)

  17. Jack (verified owner)

    Works, had to get skewers 5mm too long and cut them down

  18. David Wallace (verified owner)

    All the Pitlock items from Urban Bike Tech I ordered were easy to install and should make my visits to the theft-prone Bay Area more secure.

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