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Pitlock Wheel Skewer (Front or Rear) and Seatpost Skewer


Slightly less popular than Pitlock’s similar set with a locking topcap, this product is well-suited to cyclists with fixed-gear setups, or users who have horizontal dropouts in the rear. For fixed gear setups using a solid axle nut, we recommend purchasing a solid axle nut set for complete security.

Set01 comes complete with all the necessary components for installation: two 5mm skewers, two locking mechanisms, and up to two keys. Available colors are silver and black.

See below for additional product and sizing specifications.


If you have an existing set you need to match, add your keycode here:


If your fork has a threadless steertube, we highly recommend that you consider a SET01 GA, which includes Pitlock’s locking topcap. The ahead locking topcap locks your fork to your frame to keep thieves from walking away with your fork and the front wheel with it.

The locking wheel skewers use the well-regarded Pitlock locking mechanism to ensure that commuter and high-end wheelsets alike stay on your bike instead of in a thief’s hands. Rest assured that your seat will stay where it is with Pitlock’s locking seatpost skewer. Using the same locking mechanism as the Pitlock wheel skewers, it carefully protects your seat from would-be thieves.

All Pitlock parts (with exception of the ahead lock) are cold-forged and CNC machined from high-grade stainless steel. The ahead lock uses the same steel for the bolt, but to save weight the topcap itself is machined in aluminum.

Worried about losing your Pitlock keys, or needing to change a tire on the road? Purchase a keychain tool and never be without your Pitkey again.

Additional notes:

  • The 240mm “joker” skewers are fully threaded, and will need to be cut to length. Cutting skewers is a fairly common need, and only requires a hacksaw or Dremel tool.
  • Each skewer is actually 10MM longer than the length shown. This is to account for the locking mechanism, which requires 10MM of space.

Additional information

Wheel Skewer Length

120mm (standard front), 130mm, 155mm (standard rear), 170mm, 240mm**

Seatpost Skewer Length

23mm, 33mm (standard), 45mm, 60mm

Skewer Color

Silver, Black

Key Quantity

Without keys, With One (1) Key, With Two (2) Keys


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