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Will Pitlock fit my bike?

How to measure for the Wheel Skewers

  • Remove your wheel (the image below shows the wheel attached to make it clearer)
  • Measure the distance between the outside clamping surfaces of the dropouts
  • Repeat the process for the other wheel; the front is generally narrower than the rear
Pitlock fitment

We stock a range of skewers to fit any bicycle regardless of how wide or narrow your dropouts are.  When adding a Pitlock set to your shopping cart, you will be asked to select from a range of skewer lengths.

How to measure for the Ahead Lock

  • Remove your existing top cap by unscrewing the allen head bolt in the center. 
  • You should see something like in the image below
  • Measure either the inside diameter of the stem (shown in green), or outside diameter of the steerer (shown in red)
Pitlock headset fitment
You should get a measurement of either 1", 1-1/8" or 1-1/4".  Older bicycles are likely to sport a 1" steerer.  The modern standard size is 1-1/8".  Some newer mountain bikes will have a 1-1/4" steerer.

When adding a Pitlock set that includes the Ahead Lock to your shopping cart, you will be asked to specify the diameter of your steerer and the color (black or silver) of the top cap you would like.

How to measure for the Seatpost skewer/clamp

 There are a couple of things to check with respect to the seatpost.
1. Is your current seatpost clamp/collar suitable for the Pitlock seatpost skewer? 
  • If your existing clamp/collar has nice, flat , relatively parallel clamping surfaces on both sides that the Pitlock skewer can clamp onto, and the hole is at least 5mm in diameter then you'll only need the Pitlock skewer includes with the sets.  Make sure that you measure the distance between the clamping faces to ensure that you order a long enough seatpost skewer.
  • If your existing clamp/collar has an integrated quick-release or uses a proprietary bolt such that you don't have two nice, flat, parallel clamping surfaces, or the hole is less than 5mm in diameter, you'll need both the seatpost skewer and a Pitlock seatpost clamp/collar.( 


NOTE: The standard length Pitlock seatpost skewer will fit all sizes of Pitlock seatpost clamp/collar.