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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I used Pitlock Skewers on a mountain or free-ride bike?
The use of Pitlock skewers is not so much limited by the type of bike, but the type of riding.  Pitlock skewers are designed for road riding, commuting, touring with heavy loads, and general cross-country mountain biking.  They are not designed for heavy off-road riding or urban free-riding where the bike will be subject to heavy impact like jumps and drop-offs.
Can I use Pitlock Skewers on a frame with horizontal dropouts?
In general, you will not be able to use Pitlock Skewers with horizontal dropouts due to a lower clamping pressure than cam-style quick-release skewers--in fact, even the new exposed-cam quick-release skewers on the market these days don't hold well in horizontal dropouts.  You can, however, use Pitlocks if you have a chain-line gadget like Surly's Tuggnut.
Can you tell me if Pitlock Skewers will fit my bike?
Given the wide range bikes on the market, and the fact that most manufacturers do not post dropout widths on their websites, we will not be able to tell you which skewer length you'll need based with only the brand and model of bike.  Based on experience, the standard skewer lengths will fit about 90% of bikes, however, we encourage you to visit the following page we've built to help you measure your frame:
Can I use Pitlock Solid Axle Nuts on my front fork?
Almost certainly so.  Pitlock has released a 9mm x 1 solid axle nut that will fit most front axles including Shimano's dynamo hubs.
Are Pitlock Solid Axle Nuts only for Rohloff and Shimano geared hubs?
No!  While the solid axle nuts are marketed by Pitlock for use with Rohloff and Shimano Nexus and Alfine hubs due their high dollar value and theft-rates, they will work with any solid axle hub with the proper threading.  The M10 solid axle nuts fit hubs with a 10mm x 1mm axle, and the Shimano nuts fit 3/8" x 26tpi axles.
Does Pitlock sell a bolt for my quill-type stem and threaded steerer?
If you have a goose-neck/Nitto-style quill stem and threaded steer tube, you will not be able to use Pitlock's locking topcap. 
Will the Pitlock Locking Topcap work with my carbon fork?
Again, it depends.  If your fork uses a star-fangled nut, you will be able to use Pitlock's locking topcap.  If your fork uses an expansion plug, you may be able to adapt it to work with the Pitlock bolt.  The issue usually comes down to the relatively short length of the Pitlock bolt compared to the extra long ones used by most expansion plugs.
Don't I need four V-brake bolts to secure the front AND back calipers?
To keep the cost of the sets with V-brake bolts down, the sets come with only two bolts.  The intention is to use one bolt in the front and one in the rear (on the same side left/right) to deny a would-be thief a matching set.  If you prefer to keep things symmetrical, we can certainly build up custom set for you that includes four bolts.
My disc brake calipers have adapter plates.  Don't I need more bolts?
If your disc brake calipers use an adapter plate, you will indeed need four disc-brake bolts--one for the caliper-adapter plate connection, and one for the adapter plate-boss connection (times 2 for front and rear).  Just let us know and we'll be happy to put together a custom set that includes four bolts.