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An experienced thief can strip the components from your bike in seconds, using only a 5mm allen key.

That quick release skewer which makes replacing your flat so easy on the trail? It's the same thing that makes your wheels so easy to steal in the city. Your headset and fork, your seat, even your disc brakes - all can be stripped from your bike while you're meeting a friend for lunch. Why risk it? An unprotected bike is a thief's best friend.

Why buy from Urban Bike Tech?

All our Pitlock skewer sets come with two keys to ensure that you have a backup on hand. To cut costs, most other retailers (Amazon) have been selling sets without a second key since 2013. We believe that this is a major inconvenience for our customers, and as such, have continued to special order these sets from Pitlock. Keep one key at home, and bring the other with you on your keychain.

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