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Single Pitlock Skewer No Keys (front, rear, or seatpost)

Single Pitlock Skewer No Keys (front, rear, or seatpost)

$24.99 USD

Includes one Pitlock skewer of your choice (front wheel, rear wheel, or seatpost). NOTE: If you are ordering a replacement skewer to match an existing set, you MUST email us to ensure that we have a matching skewer in stock. It may be necessary to order your part.

The wheel skewer uses the legendary Pitlock locking mechanism to ensure that commuter and high-end wheels alike stay on your bike instead of in a thief's hands.

All Pitlock parts with exception of the Ahead Lock are cold-forged and CNC machined from high-grade stainless steel. The Ahead Lock uses the same steel for the bolt, but in order to save weight, the top can is machined in aluminum.

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