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two pitlock replacement keys - size m5 or m6

Pitlock Replacement Key

$21.99 USD

Replacing a lost key:

We carry all 250+ Pitlock keys in stock, and have one matching your set currently available.

Buying an extra key with your package:

If you are ordering a 3rd (or 4th) key at the same time as the full skewer set, you do not need to enter a specific code here - we will make sure that the keys ordered match your set.

Emergency Key Replacement

If you have an emergency and need a replacement key urgently, we will rush order keys with 2-day USPS shipping upon special request. Please place your order through the site normally and send a follow-up email to

Is there anything else I need?

These keys are critical, but can be easily lost. We highly recommend purchasing a keychain tool as a handy way to keep your Pitkey with you at all times. This tool easily gives you enough leverage to tighten or loosen your Pitlocks as needed.

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